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The power of the mind

The mind is a very powerful tool if understood and used wisely.The reason why certain good things and bad things happen are all as a result of the kind of mindset that we have as Christians or individuals as a whole.Before anything will become a reality it has to pass through the mind.That is why the holy Bible says as a man thinketh so is he.This means that whatever thought is manifested physical has passed through the mind straight down to the heart. Whatever good thing we start as individuals starts right from the mind.In that same manner whatever bad thing we start as humans starts from the mind and descends down to the heart.Having positive mindset allows you to see the bigger picture in situations and that can be done accurately when we consciously renew our minds daily.

With this kind of positive mindset we can be able to achieve whatsoever that is good, perfect and powerful that we desire. Having positive mindset keeps you focused but having negative mindset affects you and the people around you.Choose right.

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