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Opera News Ghana October Reward Programme

As part of our commitment to encouraging the creation and dissemination of high quality content from authors on the Opera News Hub, we are elated to announce three competitions for the month of October 2022.


Lounge program

Content diversification on a news hub is a key indicator of the quality of the hub for both existing users and new users. It promotes and sustains the interest of users and also provides enough space for authors to explore their writing skill especially when it's rewarding. 

 In addition to our already existing interesting reward programs, Opera News Ghana wishes to announce the introduction of 'the lounge' program for all authors on the Hub. The lounge program will focus on rewarding articles on  Original , quality, trending ENTERTAINMENT and HEALTH CONTENT   

Note that it is open to all authors and does not prevent you from writing on other reward programs you are already participating in. Neither does it stop you from publishing your usual daily articles on other categories. However 'the lounge' program exclusively provides you the opportunity to be a part of top 50 quality authors each month on specific CATEGORY identified by opera .

Conditions and eligibility ;

Its an open reward program and all authors are eligible to participate 

Write and publish not less than 180 combined health and entertainment content 

Health content should not be less than 30% of total articles

Article must be original, quality and devoid of grammatical errors and plagiarism  

Images used in each published article should not be less than 2.


Top 1: GH¢ 600

Top 2-3 GH¢ 400

Top 4-20 GH¢ 150

Top 21-50 GH¢ 100


Original / Featured Article Challenge

The first competition is the Feature Article Rewards Programme in Ghana.

The Feature Article Rewards Programme is an initiative to reward creators who consistently submit original feature articles. 

Below are the reward categories:

This category rewards authors with up to 


Original articles>= 20

Rejection rate<=20%

Average clicks of all published articles >=2,500

Period: 1st October 2022- 31st October 2022

Rewards: When the writer meets all the above conditions, they’ll be ranked by the quantity of original articles 


Prizes are as follows:

Top 1 : GH¢ 300     

Top 2-3 : GH¢200     

Top 4-10 : GH¢100   

Top 11-40 : GH¢50     



1. Article must contain more than 300 words.

2. Article must show some expertise, depth and thoughtfulness, not a simple ordinary news report.

3. Articles must not contain errors or typos in the title and body text.

Check Out The ‘Original’ Tag Requirements and Tips here:


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