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African cultures portrayed from their true origins.

Our lifestyle is most often influenced by the traditions practised around us and although might be seen as lovely and acceptable to us, would appear awkward or funny to another.

Ways of life of certain groups can only be imagined by another. Consider these cultural practices in Africa;

A. Spitting signifying greeting

Rather than saying hello, the Maasai tribe of Kenya and Tanzania would spit as a form of greeting. How easy it would be for a pregnant woman to greet. Spit seems to be a good luck charm to them and as such relatives spit on the newly born babies to wish them well and to cleanse them of evil attacks. This tribe drinks fresh animal blood too.

B. Potency test by bride's aunt

If you are to marry as a man in the Banyankole tribe in Uganda, be ready to have an escapades with your bride's aunt. This is not for the fun of it but rather to prove your potency.

C. Festival of the dead for cleansing

Can you envisage splitting the throat of a dead person, washing its system by pouring water into the split and forcing it out of the body?

This is a practice by the Chewas of the Bantu tribe of Malawi for cleansing of the dead. The process doesn't end just there. The outflow from the body is collected until it becomes clear thus nothing to be washed again. The collected water is used to prepare a meal which is feasted on by the whole community.

There are many more others. Kindly follow for more post.

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