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Literature Poetry

My Definition Of Opera News Hub

Everything in this world has got a definition, something that gives it meaning. Opera News Hub I believe deserves one, and that is why I have taken it upon myself to give it a meaning. There is no doubting the fact that I have benefitted a lot from Opera News already and do believe there are several others out there who remain highly indebted to the firm. There are so many ways to show appreciation and I believe one of them is to exhibit one’s prowess in whatever area he or she specialises in. I must say I’m more than motivated to work hard and contribute more to this firm, I know I too have a role to play in getting Opera News Hub to higher echelons and will do just that. Now, for the main reason why I wrote this article_ a small poem I wrote entitled “ My Definition Of Opera News Hub”, a little token of my appreciation to you. It is actually not just a poem, it happens to be a poem revealing what to me is the meaning of the various letters in the firm’s name “ Opera News Hub”. Have always loved to play with words and I would say I just couldn’t shrug off the temptation to play with these words.

One of a kind

Probably the only one you can find

Endeavouring to satisfy whatever comes to mind

Rendering news in forms redefined

A firm growing and moving as the wind

Never at rest, always on it

Experience outstanding literature from our writers’ ink

Words of wisdom to sharpen your wits

Striving to accomplish unimaginable feats

Here to make whatever you say legit

Unravel mysteries as you read

Be that well informed reader indeed

Writing poems have always been my hobby in addition to writing articles, I believe this was the parting gift my maker bestowed upon me as I journeyed down to earth. Opera News Hub, this is a token of my appreciation for you and I look forward to doing more. Would be more than happy to get a reply from you concerning this definition of mine, a sort of advice for an upcoming poet.    

Content created and supplied by: SirYorm (via Opera News )

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