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Literature Poetry

POETRY, Word Play or Fanciful Story Telling?

Human beings have always communicated through words. Be it when we are showing our affections, or anger or even disappointment. Sometimes even our fears and deepest sorrows, to our deepest secrets and aspirations. But sometimes the words that come to mind are too raw or not expressive enough for us, and at times we just want it to be more fun or cryptic. So we developed poetry, to help I that regard. But not everybody can or is gifted in this act of wordplay or as my friend will say stylish affirmation. Here are some poetry pieces for you to feast your eyes on.


Won't the leaves of

The great iroko tree

Dance to the sweet

Melodies ejected

From the voice of wind?

Won't the dopey lizard

Squirm amidst

Countless daydreaming

When its belly is tickled by

An army of ants?

Won't the sweet-soft

Sound of drizzles of

Rain lure the stagnant

Feet of pebbles into motion?

Won't the sleeping sand

At the seashore

Be forced to emerge

From sleep by strong waves

And ripples of the angry sea?

Won't the feet drown

Completely in dance after

Inhaling the aroma

Of African drums?

Surely the feet of the

Village dance master shall

Whirl and leap into the

Dance-circle at the

Sound of indigenous

African drums

Kofi Nyamekye (InkWeaver)

The shyness of my love

Her beauty captivates me

A beauty that delights the eyes of my soul.

A beautiful and a wonderful creature

Of a woman I had ever seen.                                                                                                                  

She is definitely blessed by our creator from above.

 At a moment, 

I saw myself in the motion of my thoughts

Telling her the sweet things of love.                                                                                                          

Anxiety and nervousness                                                                                                                  

I would have been in real life.                                                                                               

How can a woman possess all this beauty to herself?

Probably, a special time was taken                                                                                                                    

To mold her for her to look this magnificent.                                                      

She has this smile that glowed on a person’s face

Without an effort. 

I can’t resist watching her,

If that should take me an eternity.

Her love is worthy,

It’s worthy and I know

It and I just want to trade all I got for it.                                                              

Yet I hide behind my coyness admiring

Every bite of these carefully curved edges.                                                                                                           

She has these different

Shades of women in one body, 

And these carefully sculptured edges

Became my confusion. 

Could it be said that a woman is an                                                                                                                  

Architect who crafted many flaws in a man?                                                                                                    

Maybe, it might be a myth to many,                                                                                                                                    

Or maybe real.

Her eyes, 

smile and calm sweet voice are

Antidotes to an unhappy soul.                                                            

Aristotle once said

“Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting in two bodies,” 

Guess I didn’t understand that love makes two bodies one.

Got to take but a chance to make a move

For my intentions to be known, but how?                                                                                                            

I thought to myself to break the walls of shyness.                                                                                      

It is said love isn’t shy,                                                                                                                                        

But why is mine?

There between those sheets I once laid,                                                                                                         

Those sheets which gave me memories of love I couldn’t speak of,                                                                  

A love I had for a girl and was shy to let her know.                                                                                               

Behold the tears I shed in my breaking point

Watching her from afar saying

” I do” to someone else.

There I saw a love I had for someone in flames due to shyness

Franz Enyam Nutsugah (Sly J)


I see you from afar

Looking so angelic

No flaw in sight

I see you

And all else matters not

The life I live now

The world I live in

You took my breath away

When I first saw you

And you still hold that

I believed not my eyes

And still pinch myself

Each time I see you

Cos you seem like a fairytale

Too good to be true

All else exist not

Whenever you come around

Oh why

Why did the world hide

Such beauty from my eyes

Did I not deserve thy affection?

How come I have not

Felt nor known

Thy full embrace

And now that I stand in thy presence

The world puts up a wall

Oh cruel world

Why treat me so unjust

Turning such heart from me

Hurting her

And bleeding her love

Before putting her

In my presence

Now she no longer looks with love

For fear of a broken heart

For a fragile heart she holds now

Oh why

Why did yea commit

Such a wrong to an angel

And turn her heart of gold

Away from love so true

Or should we not

Have walked the path

To thus arrive here.

Felix Kwasi Annan (MicChef Prime)

In truth different types of poetry and different types of writers will get you feeling and bringing out different emotions when you read their works. In deed the words of poetry are so alive that it can almost always take you along the journey, which brought the writer to the point when he or she wrote the piece.


Felix Kwasi Annan

Content created and supplied by: Felix_Kwasi_Annan (via Opera News )


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