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Meet The Nigerian Tribe That Allows Men To Steal Women From Their Husbands To Spend The Night

Meet The Nigerian Tribe That Allows Men To Steal Women From Their Husbands To Spend The Night

Nigeria which is part of Western Africa including Ghana has over 300 tribes which include the likes of the Hausa tribe, Igbo tribe, Yoruba tribe, Amo tribe, Afo tribe, Fulani tribe just to mention a few.

Each of the over 300 tribes has it's cultural believes and practises. One of the strangest cultural practice which we intend to have a look at in this article is the culture of the Wodaabe tribe.

The Wodaabe tribe is also known by others as Mbororo or the Bororo tribe. They are a subgroup of the Fulani ethnic group which we mentioned earlier. One of their cultural belief which we will hammer on in this article is their Wife stealing festival.

Wodaabe's wife stealing marriage dance

As with any other traditional tribe or ethnic group, this particular group of people also has their special festival which they celebrate to mark beauty, love and affection. In this tribe, the ladies are in charge of anything s.ex related.

During the festival which lasts for 10 days, tribesmen from various clans are allowed to steal women from their husband irrespective of their clan. You are only regarded as a winner if the husband does not see you and you are able to steal his wife. After the process, both the man and woman are allowed to spend the whole night together. However, the condition here is that there must be some sort of mutual understanding between the two before proceeding to other things.

The name of the festival is called 'Yikes'. Before the ceremony, tribesmen put on solid makeup to look their outermost best and it is no surprise they claim to be the most beautiful humans on earth.

What will you do if you are a tribesman?

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