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Museums and other interesting places in Qatar with unique designs

1.National Museum of Qatar.The New National museum of Qatar was designed by French architects ,Jean Nouvel. The museum gives a clear story of Qatar and its people from earliest times to the present. The museum makes a dramatic addition to Doha landscapes with it curved disks, intersections and Cantilevered angles,all inspired by the local desert rose.the unique building embraces the newly-restored palace of Sheikh Abdullah bin Jassim Al -Thani,which itself represent the heart of Qatari national identity.

2.Museum of Islamic Arts(MIA).The museum was designed by the world renowned architect I.M Pei.The museum of Islamic arts building has become an icon.Standing apart on the Waters of the Corniche, it draws influence from traditional Islamic architecture. The building is made from limestone, which captures hourly changes in light and shade.The MIA park is a social place with year round activities, including film screening, sports events, art workshops and extra exhibition features.

3.Towers of Qatar.

- Barzan towers . The towers were built by Sheikh Mohammed bin Jassim Al Thani, founder of Umm Salal Mohammed village. Barzan is the name given to the western tower. At 14m high ,it consists of three levels and, with its the distinctive T -shape, is considered unique to the Guff Region.

-The Eastern tower,Al Bury Al Shargi, is also built with stones and cladded mud a more typical with retangular shape. Most of the early settlement had one or more towers that way cylindrical or rectangular in shape, usually built from stone.

4.Fort of Qatar. Scattered across the nation, forts offer a glimpse of a time when tribes were constantly on alert for invading was believed that the fort was built to protect the essential sources of water in the area.It is typical of desert forts, with three rectangular towers and one cylindrical one. Three sides of the central courtyard are align with narrow rooms, without windows and doors, that open onto the right and spacious courtyard.

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