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Difference Between Luck and Karma

Luck and karma are often used interchangeably but do these words differ in meaning or they are different sides of the same coin? In this article we’ll take a close look at the concepts of luck and karma, their meaning and difference.

Expressions like “he is very lucky” or “he has bad karma” are some of the common statements people use but first let’s take a look at the meanings of these words.

So what is luck in the first place?

Luck refers to the force that causes things, especially good things, to happen to you by chance and not as a result of your own efforts or abilities.

Karma, on the other hand, is a Sanskrit word that primarily means 'action' which originated from Buddhism and Hinduism. Simply put, the term karma refers to the result of ones actions. These consequences are a direct result of good or bad deeds done in a person’s life.

Thus, good karma will produce a good effect, while bad karma will produce a bad effect. These effects may be witnessed in different parts a person’s life, be it material, moral, or emotional.

Someone may ask, “If karma exist, then why do bad things happen to good people and why do good things happen to bad people?"

Also, there are people who experience constant string of bad luck that has nothing to do with anything they’ve done. Some will claim that they are being punished by God for something they did in the past.

Situations like the ones above make the issue of karma a complicated and confusing topic. Such questions among others have plagued us all at some time and has raised major theological issues which apparently has no universally satisfying answer.

Personally, I believe everything happens for a reason. I like to think of luck as God’s grace and favor. As for karma, I believe we should all try to help others and be good to everybody you meet and when your time in this world is up, it’s because God has called you home.

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