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5 Things You Can Control in Life

Life is a series of events you encounter one after another and then you die. Between the time you're born and the time you hit the casket, you have to juggle between things you can control in life and the ones you can't. This article will help you realize how much of your life is actually under your own control. Below are five things you can control in life.

1. Your Time and Focus

Your clock is ticking every day. After waking up, you have 16 to 20 hours in order to make your life better. Success in life is the result of how well one manages the same 24 hours in a day we all get. Believe it or not, you are in complete control of what you choose to focus your time and efforts on. The most incredible thing is how many people choose poorly; you see them putting in so much time and focus towards things that yield no positive results for them. They just do it to fill time at the expense of their own well-being just because it's easier to do that.

2. Who Your Friends Are

You might meet people based on your circumstances but never forget that you're free to choose your own friends. It's better to have none than be surrounded by people who only want to bring you down. Instead, be selective; you don't need to have a hundred fake friends. You only need a few real dependable people. You’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with so if you hang around with five losers guess who's the sixth. So maybe it's time you reconsider who you keep close. Your circle should decrease in size but increase in value.

3. Who You’re As a Human Being

What do you stand for? What are your values? These are under your control as well. So many people complain about how screwed up society is that they forget they themselves make up the society the same way you're not stuck in traffic but you’re traffic. If you don't like the way people are acting fix yourself then help fix two or three people around you, that's the only way to properly do it. Who you’re as a human being is built up based on your decisions and actions.

4. How You Present Yourself to the World

The world judges the book by the cover. You do it, I do it. That's just how society works and to be honest it's not the world's duty to get to know you on a deeper level of acceptance. Nobody cares. We all have things to do. The way you present yourself is completely under your control; if you present yourself as an overweight, ungroomed and sensible individual the world will treat you accordingly. People treat you the way you treat yourself so if you don't take yourself seriously nobody else will either.

5. Your Future

Your actions today are the foundation of the future you're going to live. The realization that you can alter the future based on your current actions is something most people never really grasp; they always think ‘if only I could change the past to fit my current needs.’ What they don't realize is that this works the other way around as well. At one point in your growth, you'll be able to look into the future and understand the type of effect your actions will have. This is like a superpower most people never get to use because they're too stuck in the moment to realize that they can trade with the future. You can give it what it needs now and it'll reward you with the things you want then. Trading with the future is a skill meaning the more you use it the better you are with it.

if something isn't working out for you in any of these regards the only one person to blame is yourself because there’s so much of life that’s under your control.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next article.

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