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The first tribe in Ghana to defeat the British in a war before any other tribe, this is how they won

Every tribe in Ghana has is historical backgrounds and stories preserved for several centuries to inform and educate their younger offsprings who in turn will inculcate and spread it the following generations to be born.

Each tribe in Ghana boost of its prowess but just as the saying goes all fingers are not the same hence all tribes cannot be equal in terms of power, culture , wealth and population.

The Independence story of Ghana cannot be told without crediting some powerful tribes who fought hand in hand through the blood and tool of their forefathers in making this great nation what it is today.

Let us look at the at the first tribe who fought with the British and won the war and are known to be the first tribe ever do so.

About 2 centuries ago the ashanti kingdom led by the great, night and powerful king Osei tutu bonsu Kwame Asibe defeated the British in the war of nsamako which was fought in the ashanti empire which is now present day ashanti region.

The British led by the then Alexander Gordon lain underestimated the traditional hand made weapons which were predominantly axes,clubs,spears and bows with arrows accompanied with african war songs and chants of moral.

On the 21st of January 1824 the British won the war and killed Sir Alexander Gordon Alain in the process which marked the beginning of the four Anglo ashanti wars and the final war for the prestigious golden stool which now lies peacefully in the Otumfuo’s Palace in Kumasi today.

The ashanti kingdom which was under the reign of Osei Tutu from 1801 to 1824 was the wealthiest kingdom in the sub old Ghana empire who had powerful warriors who fought very hard to protect their boundaries from both foreign and international enemies (whites and black neighboring empires)

Till today the maintain their beautiful and rich culture blessed with enormous mineral resources and vast fertile lands for both local crops and cash crops plantations.

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