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Some African proverbs that will help you explore your grammar

Words that are wise help improve grammar a bit, broadening ones memory and also create a room for entertainment

1.A lion and a lioness can never have the bone of equal strength.

2.He who ate satisfactorily, fight with the dead.

3.The man who marries a beautiful woman and the farmer that grows maize by the road side have the same problem.

4.The only woman who knows where her man is every night is a widow.

6.When God cooks you do not see smoke.

7.When a girl has beauty without brains, the private part suffers the most.

8.God feel shy whenever the river dry up.

9.He who laughs last thinks slowest.

10.He who has diarrhea knows the direction of the door without being told.

11.It is the fear of what tomorrow might bring that makes the tortoise to carry it's home along wherever it goes.

12.When two elephants are fighting, the grass suffers.

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