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Little Boy Wows Ghanaians As He Vividly Narrates The Story Behind Lake Bosomtwe In Viral Video.

History is important because, no matter what, the past cannot be ignored in our life. Everything on this planet has disclosures, yet most of these insights have been misconstrued by society. Because of the harsh treatment our grandparents and mothers had from whites, the local word "abrofu," or white men, became a language. The word "abrofu" refers to a cruel person, not someone with fair skin. All of these have been misconstrued, and modern culture has accepted them without investigating how they got to be called that.

In today's story, a child historian, possibly under the age of 13, has amazed many Ghanaians by eloquently narrating how the phrase "lake Bosomtwe" came to be. According to the tiny historian, once upon a time, a hunter named Boso went hunting with his dog on a holy day and ended up being lost for three days. For all the days he spent in the deep woodland, the hunter came up empty-handed. He came found an antelope as he was about to abandon his mission (Otwe). He shot the antelope, but it didn't die right away, so the hunter tracked the blood droplets on the ground until he found it lying down near a river.

More insights came from the small kid, who stated that there is a mahogany tree in the lake that has been standing for more than 380 years and counting. He further stated that the names of the hunter (Boso) and the antelope (Otwe) were combined to get the name Bosomtwe.

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