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'See What A Girl Was Spotted Doing While Swimming That Got People Talking' (Photos)

Recently a picture was shared in one big family group on Facebook in the picture a girl was seen swimming with her friends, but there was something fishy that people notice on her facial expression.

 In the picture the girl looked like she was drawing, it looks like she was enjoying her swimming, but her facial expression was strange. Maybe she could not swim, maybe she needed her.

 Again, looking at the picture it seems like the people she came swimming with did not notice what was going on, this picture is really confusing even the poster cannot explain what was wrong.

 The poster said that she thought that they went for swimming, maybe along the line she got cold. Looking at the picture it seems like there something wrong with the girl, it seems like she was cold, maybe she needed help & maybe she was trapped inside the water. What do you think could be wrong with her, what can you say of her facial expression?

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