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Secret: God's name is not mentioned in these two books.

The Bible is a story of God’s relationship with mankind, and most books put God front and center. For example: The prophets are God’s mouthpieces: the last 17 books of the Old Testament are mostly words straight from God. The Gospels focus on Jesus’ life and ministry. Jesus, the God-man, is the main character in all four books. The Law of Moses is about God’s covenant with and rules for Israel..

But as it turns out, two books of the Bible don’t talk about God at all . Weird, right?

Today I am going to take you straight to the Bible where we will be looking at the two books that does not mention God's name.

Two bibilical books never mention God. The first is the book of Esther, a story of Jewish survival in the face of an attempted genocide.

The second is the Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon, which essentially a collection of erotic love poetry involving a young woman and a young man.

Both books were controversial additions to the bibilical canon, and one thing that helped them make the cut was reading religion back into them.

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