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Literature Poetry

Must see:- See what was written on the entrance and exit of a cemetery that is causing reactions.

Cemeteries are places where dead bodies are kept or buried under the ground in a coffin. There is a particular cemetery that is causing lots of reactions. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

There was a writing on the entrance of a cemetery saying ''We were once like you" and a writing on the exit is "Remember you will be back" which means remember you will one day be like us. The picture below provides evidential details that tells what was written on the entrance and the exit of the cemetery. There were many reactions and controversy from this, some people claims is the ghost in the cemetery or the spirits and souls in the cemetery who wrote that. Others claim it was written by the owner or the manager of the cemetery to serve as a logo.

Many people who witnessed that ran away immediately from the cemetery because they claim the spirits are warning them or putting a bad luck on them while others took it as normal.

What is your think of it?

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