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Opinion: The spirits of Martin King Luther Jr. et al are behind him, no one can stop him

When Africans were mistreated, oppressed and disrespected by racists, it took bold and fearless men like Martin King Luther Jr., Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, et al, to redeem and regain the continent's precious name and reputation.

He traveled to places no one was willing to go, he faced top racists no man was willing to face, he took an action no one was ever willing to take, and he finally paid a price no one was willing to pay.

He did that not only because he was less human or beyond a human nature, but he had only one thing in mind - to pave a sustainable way for all people, especially Africans to move to and fro freely anywhere in the world without any fear or attack from anyone.

He put away his selfish interest and made a lasting and generational sacrifice for the benefit of all humanity.

Martin was assassinated for his great works, but today, wicked politicans are hailed and rewarded handsomely.

He is dead and gone, but his legacy lives on.

This is the man the youth should emulate and learn from.

I must admit that fearless and bold Twene Jonas is doing a great job in the Ghanaian activism arena, however, if he puts an end to the insulting comments he usually passes, hi works will be greater, and attain a limelight.

As an activist, commentator and critic, he possibly may have drawn a lot of inspirations from Martin King Luther Jr.

I can see the spirits of our forefathers who fought to end slavery, colonialism and racism flowing through him, and for those who keep threatening him, I do not think it will yield any results.

So far as he is up for social justice, the spirits of all Africans who took that bold step will stand strongly behind him forever.

It is obviously evident that Twene Jonas is forever willing to pay the price for his bold step against all the ills and injustices the country has experienced over the years.

Instead of plotting an evil against a man who has sacrificed his time, efforts and resources to correct the mistakes done by our leaders, like they did to Martin King Luther Jr., why don't we stand firmly behind him to achieve this great vision to benefit us all.

Hail fearless Twene Jonas, for the spirit of Martin King Luther Jr. is strongly behind you.

Content created and supplied by: Ghana'sthirdeye (via Opera News )

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