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Talent can be achieved. Rate these drawings

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Everyone has a talent. Everybody in this world has been gifted with some kind of special skill that makes him/her different from others. Some like drawing, singing, dancing and a whole lot. From one of my articles, I wrote about talent. Also you may have read some part were, I made it clear that talent can be achieved. Some people may not believe it, but it is true and I've witnessed it before.

There was this boy who wanted to draw but didn't have the talent. He started taking tips from his friends who knew drawing. And from what he gathered, he drew these.

This was his second drawing actually, it took him four hours to finish this drawing. This he was proud of because he was a beginner, and this is how his effort paid off.

This his third drawing was amazing. A lot of people praised him on that, seems like all his drawings are lit. All these drawings are from hit anime cartoons, dragon Ball and Naruto.

This is Sasuke from the popular anime cartoon Naruto. This was his fourth drawing as a beginner.

His last drawing. So this alone proves that talent can be achieved, so you shouldn't doubt yourself any more. Put you mind to it, and you can do it.

Now that you've seen these pics, why don't you rate it for him. As a beginner you would definitely want to know how your drawings are seen, so please kindly help by rating these pics.

Thank you for reading.

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