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Know your history, The Meaning of the name Ghana and where we came from

Ghana was originally called the gold coast. It was ruled by the British as at that time. The British had invaded the then gold coast and taken over major territories.

On the 6th of March,1957 Ghana had it's independence from the British that means we were no more colonised and free as a country to set up rules and regulations. The independence was led by osagyefo Dr kwame nkrumah. Fast forward ,the name Ghana was given but do you know why and the meaning of Ghana.

Some says ghanaians migrated from the northwest and Eastward direction around the Niger Congo river. Some believe the name Ghana comes from the then Gana empire which was covering Sudan Mali area. Some also believe we came from Burkina Faso.

The name Ghana means the warrior king. Some says it's God has appointed nkrumah for Africa but the real meaning of Ghana is the warrior king.

Now you know, know your history.

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