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Historical finding traces the invention of confectionery to ancient Egyptians.

They made confectionery from honey, dates, figs, nuts and spices. Other civilizations including the Roman, the Greek and the Chinese civilizations were noted to have enjoyed candies.

Confectioneries or candies, 'adokordokordie' in Akan and 'nuvivi' in Ewe is an African, and Ghana has various types.

Candies in Ghana do not necessarily have to have a sugar base. The various confectioneries in Ghana are 'Nkati' cake made from groundnut and sugar, 'dzowe' or 'dakua' made by the combination of sugar, groundnut, maize and various hot spices including pepper. 

These particular confectionery is the food of warriors by the Ewes since at war front, you can’t cook for obvious reasons. Just have the dzowe with a little bite and a sip of water you are alright to continue your attack on the enemy.

'Agbeli krakro' is a cassava based confectionery which goes with dry coconut. Coconut toffee is yet another candy made with coconut and sugar.

'Akponor'. These are biscuits made from cassava starch. There are two types, the soft and the hard. Akponor popularly known as 'ayigbe' biscuits are some of the gifts that shows that one has travelled to the Volta Region.

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