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The destructive flames of oppression

The role of oppression in destroying societies, ruining behaviour, and violating social security is indisputable. Even the individuals who are not adherent to religion cannot deny this fact. Oppression causes dissension and the devastation of public relations in society.

Practising evil and arrogant powers close the pages in the history of powerful governments and destroy their civilizations. There are great morals in the lives of the oppressors.For example, Muhammad ibn 'Abd al-Malik enjoyed a special place among the Abbaside caliphates. This minister had an iron oven made, the inside of which was covered with sharp reeds. When a political prisoner was brought to him, he would put the innocent person inside it and light the flames until the soul of that person departed his body.

When al-Mutawakkil reached the office of the caliph, he ordered Ibn Malik to be placed in his prison. Near his death, the latter wrote poetry to the effect that in this world he who does something shall be punished for it. When al-Mutawakkil read the poetry he ordered him freed, but by the time that the royal decree reached the prison, Ibn Malik was dead in a terrible condition in his oven.

Indeed, those who claim that life is just a day to day struggle for survival, constantly attempt to destroy the weak with the pressure of deprivation; hoping by doing so to strengthen their power and protect their position. They will commit any crime no matter how inhuman to satisfy themselves. But as the days pass, the flames of anger rage in the hearts of the oppressed, who inflict great calamities on the lives of the tyrant. Oppression, however, is not limited to certain positions or classes.Any person in any position who intentionally or unintentionally attempts to exploit the life of others for his own sake, or tries to go beyond the limits of the laws of reason or legislation can be classified as an oppressor.

Unfortunately, today oppression has reached its peak; the flames of oppression and injustice rage through various classes of societies and threaten the structure of human civilizations with sure destruction.

The agents of oppression abuse the rights of human societies and rob them of their resources and wealth with every available means, while the statute of justice appears helpless.  

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Ibn Malik al-Mutawakkil


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