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Hidden Secrets Behind Tattoos

Tattoos blossom at the crossroads of bodies and art ,the physical and imaginary. Their color and shapes and pulsate with memories,meaning and often represent thought and feelings that we have not spoken about or acknowledge even to our selves. Whiles there are myriad motivation for obtaining a tattoo,most individual seek tattoos as a means of personal expression that provides a means of potential window into the psyche that can be used to facilitate psychiatric treatment.

The secret behind these Tattoos

While some celebrities keep their tattoo meaning personal, these celebrities shared the real meaning of their tattoos. 

Both Rihanna  and Miley Cyrus use their tattoos to honor loved-ones who passed away.

Dakota Johnson and Harry Styles tattoos are reminders to accept flaws as beautiful.

Sam Smith's tattoo has a strange meaning—it is "inspired by one of the oldest tattoos ever found on a mummified body that was found alone in the ice."

It's easy to become infatuated with celebraty tattoos.

But unfortunately, sometimes stars like to keep the meaning of their most personal tattoos on the low, providing an evasive, almost nonexistent explanation behind the design. For the most part, people leave the inspo up to speculation

The meaning:  The tiny wrist tattoo symbolized the "manifestation of spiritual beauty,".

The tattoo: Egyptian goddess, Isis

The meaning: One of our all-time favorites,

The tattoo: Half-naked mermaid

The meaning:  no one should strive for perfection and love exactly who they are.

The tattoo: Two parallel lines

The meaning:"inspired by one of the oldest tattoos ever found on a mummified body that was found alone in the ice."

The tattoo: "Live Free"

The meaning: After an emotionally tumultuous year filled with legal battlesand a  better practice self love

The tattoo: Wilted flower .

The meaning: No one ever gets a "fucked up".

The tattoo: A cluster of celestial bodies.

The meaning : As a as a tribute to her late mother , Carrie Fisher, Lourd inked the outer space image on her ankle.

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