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No matter how bad your handwriting is, it is still better than these three

There are several handwriting found in various books. These handwritings have various impressions to viewers.

Some of these handwritings can be described as bad, others are also described as perfect.

3. A handwriting was discovered recently where the writing can barely be read well. It looks the writing was about the National Anthem and the handwriting in the book looks very bad. It is very bad and am sure it is one of the worst handwriting ever.

2. This second one is a disaster. This writing looks like a signature.No amount of bad handwriting will surpass this. There are other bad writings out there but this is part of the top worst handwritings ever.

1. This very one is the worst ever handwriting. No one can read what it is about

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Comment below your opinion and describe to us any horrible handwriting you have also seen before

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National Anthem


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