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Here Is Why Bill Gates Bought A Prophetic Book For 30 Million Dollars

Many believe that Leonardo Da Vinci was a science prophet so they is no surprise that one of the richest men of our time, Bill Gates spent $30 Million on just one of his books. You may be asking right now Bill gates would spend such a tremendous amount on just a 72-paged document made of paper. Here comes the answer.

The book is called Codex Leicester and it is said to contain scientific prophesies about engineering, astronomy, mechanics, biology etc. The book was written by Da Vinci between 1506 and 1510. Interestingly this book contains scientific knowledge that was discovered by modern scientists just a few years ago. The fascinating thing is how could Da Vinci could know all these several centuries ago.

Just like Leonardo, Bill Gates loves knowledge and has spent much of his wealth towards acquiring knowledge and funding research into areas such as biology and microbiology. Bill hopes to eradicate four diseases by the year 2030.

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