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Literature Poetry

The episode of life(a poem that got me so hooked up with myself)


The wind blows towards different directions.

 Certainly it has nowhere to go.

 The is just like that of a sea which is practically influenced by the wind.

 Different footsteps are found around the beach.

 Four steps of pain, anxiety,  stress, failure ,happiness, relieve, strength and Victory.

 Different people come into your life.

 Some will give you a reason to live, and some will give you a good reason to stop living.

 Learn to be yourself, Don't allow people to live their lives through you.

 Build yourself, believe in your dreams, work hard, forget about the critics, and challenge yourself everyday.

 Want to have a strong future, be the master builder.

 Don't allow people to temper with your tomorrow, because they do not care how stable and how is secure it becomes.

 You are more than you can imagine.

You can do more than you think

You can break barriers and overcome stress

And you can be marvelous

Content created and supplied by: SoultieKrane (via Opera News )


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