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Fun Time: Only for Genius people, can somebody give me an answer to the question in this Photo?

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, we all know this poem from early days and it's really true because you can't stress yourself all day as sometimes you need to take a break to relax and cool your head small.

Too much pressure in the head can cause harm to the brain so Ithink we should have a little fun as am going to drop Six pictures of which I will give answers to 5 out of the 6 from my opinion and then leave the last one for you to answer. But if you any opinion to my answers too, you can share with us all.

1. Who is the Mother?

Ans: The woman in Red dress is the mother as she has the same hair and skin colour with the boy. Please do you agree with me or you have any other opinion to share with us?

2. What do you really think Happened here?

Ans: The Man killed the woman and took her knife. Looking at the picture clearly, the colour of the knife's handle is the same to that of the woman's dress meaning it belongs to her. I think this is perfectly correct .

3. Who do you think the guy will go in for among the three Ladies?

Ans: He will go in for the first lady. As the Elders say: "Birds of the same feather flies together" they all have tattoos, perfect combination. Others may think he will chose the one in decent dress because she looks more of a marriage material. Trust me, crazy guys prefer to be with crazy girls. That's my opinion but you can drop yours if you disagree with me.

4. You will save who among the three?

Ans: I know most of my guys will put feelings first and go in for the sexy lady but naaa, it's only the boy who really needs help because those two ladies it's just a prank. Somebody may ask why I think they don't need any help? You can see their hands up just because they don't want their pets to get sink but the facial expression of the boy clearly tells he is drowning.

5. Who among these two is really a Lady?

Ans: The first person holding the waist is the woman because the second one has a Shaving stick in the cup if you watch closely. And I think the lines of the Flap(Zip) area of their trousers also tells different story . If somebody have any other opinion and don't agree with me, you can drop it in the comments section.

6. Tell me who killed the Man in this Photo?

Last but not the least which is also a question for my lovely readers. If you are Genius, I dare you to tell me who killed the Man in this Photo, share your opinion and you can also come up with an answer to the previous Photos if you were not in line with me.

Who is the Killer?

Please Like Comments and Share for others to enjoy this Game to have a Memorable Holiday. And please don't forget to Follow my page @MdkBanahene for more interesting stories.

Thanks for reading . OneLove ♥️.

Content created and supplied by: @MdkBanahene (via Opera News )

Fun Time Genius Jack


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