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16 Devastating Moments In History (Photos)

The following reveals some sad events which happened long ago from 18th to 19th century. Some of these moments were part of WWI and WWII documentaries.

A baby cries at a bombed train station in Shanghai, 1937.

In 1941, the photo on the left was taken of Soviet soldier Eugen Stepanovich Kobytev on the day he left to go to war. The photo on the right was taken in 1945 after the end of the war, just 4 years apart.

Famine victim in a feeding center, Sudan, 1993.

A utility worker giving mouth-to-mouth to co-worker after contacting a low voltage overhead line wire. USA 1967.

A Chinese doctor standing beside a pile of victims who perished from the Manchurian plague, 1910 - 1911.

George Blind, member of the French Resistance smiling at a German firing squad, 1944.

German soldier giving bread to an orphaned Russian boy. Volkhov area, 1942.

Israeli soldier taking a glass of water from the Jordan river after The Six Day War, On his left arm is a serial number from the Holocaust. July 1967.

Family photograph of a British ruled India 1876-1878.

A U.S. Marine rescues two Vietnamese children during a gun battle at the city of Hue, during the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War - 1968.

Russian soldier burning bank notes for warmth, Chechnya, 1995.

1949. Young Palestinian girls who lost or got separated from their parents as they were driven out of Palestine, at an orphanage in Beirut, Lebanon.

A Ukrainian Nationalist kicking a Jewish man. Lviv, June 1941.

Inside Nazi Camp, Auschwitz 1944. Jewish people being burned who had died in gas chamber. Photo taken by Alberto Herrera who also risked his life hiding from the soldiers.

A little girl sitting in the ruins of her bombed home during the Battle of Britain, 24th August 1940.

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