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Get married in a grand way next year with these 5 kente styles.

Aren't Kentes such a beauty, a beautiful cloth full of the history, heritage and past stories of Africa and Ghana.

Kente called by the Akans "nwentom"a, the Ewes "kete" is a textile that is made of strips of cotton and silk, this textile is handwoven.

 Our history teaches us that the fabric was worn previously worn in a toga-like fashion by only royalty, royalty such as the Ashanti's in modern day Ghana. Howbeit the wearing of Kente cloth has become widespread to commemorate special occasions, with highly sought after Kente brands led by master weavers.

Due to the popularity of Kente cloth patterns, Kente print, which is a mass-produced version, is popular throughout the West. Globally, the print is used in the design of academic stoles in graduation ceremonies, to symbolize history and heritage.

West African cultures and Ghana as well has kente for thousands of years. Kente developed from a variety of weaving traditions which existed in Ghana before the 11th century, with excavations in the region showing instruments such as spindles, whorls, and loom weights.

By the 18th century, during the rise of the Ashanti Empire, Kente became popularized among Akan royalty, and by the early 19th century master weavers and Kente houses could be seen throughout the Ashanti capital of Kumasi.

Kente is a very special cloth in Ghana and that is why it is used to commemorate special occasions like weddings, Ordinations, engagements and enstoolments.

Recently, Ghanaian traditional marriages have been marked by stylish kente styles, brides sew a lovely kente style, either a dress or a top and skirt and then the traditional marriage takes place. The groom can either wear a white kaftan or use the kente as well. Kente is symbolic and every bride appreciates it.

Today I bring 5 beautiful kente styles to try if you are getting married next year, these styles are exquisite so you'll enter your traditional marriage in grand style.

Which of these styles are your favourite.

Kindly comment, share, like and follow and let's get talking.

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