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The black eyed children were believed to be contemporary paranormal legendary creatures or entities which took the form of children between the ages of 6 and 16 with pale skin and black eyes knocking on doors of residential homes; Mostly in outdated clothes. According to history ,these entity existed since 1980's whiles other sources show that the legend originated from 1996, through postings written by famous Texas reporter 'Brian Bethel' indicating two detailed encounters with 'black eyed children.

This reporter describes his horrific encounter with two of these said entities in Abilene, Texas in 1996. There after, there was another said encounter in Portland, Oregon by a second person whose experience matched such stated paranormal entity. Bethel made an official follow up article to describe his great encounter and made his said claims legitimate; also maintaining his belief.

In 2002, a follow up was made to make the official urban legend a bit famous all over todays internet. 'BLACK EYED KIDS' the official horror film was produced and released to the general public to appraise the original legend and the said stories. The movie was said to be derived from famous individual victim claims and experiences especially Bethel's said claims and experiences.

Going back on the legend , individuals started ; reporting their personal encounters to the police in the late 90's; most of these encounters came with cautions. some individuals stated that these blacked eye children were real life nightmare and curses. The black eyed children would knock on your door in a normal child form, following the continues pleading to get invited to your home or room. If the child is let in the house, it was said they take their complete form as pale children with complete black eyes; and their horrific paranormal haunt begins.. Following the legend, some individuals stated that most of these victims who had actual encounter usually died, had cancer or run mad.

How these entities came about is unknown. But judging from individual opinions, some say these entities might be shapeshifting aliens or creatures, whiles others say they might be evil haunting ghost. All the these might be true a legend or a myth; Bethel and other individuals seem to have had an extreme believe in their claims..

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