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How to Write Convincingly Well: The Tricks

As I was wondering why people did not comment on and like my articles, essays and other writings it dawned on me that there is probably something I need to do extra. Then, I set out to overcome and be a prolific writer. If you desire to write the best you can, consider the following.

Get an idea that is of much benefit to your readers. Do not go about writing on something that readers may not cherish. People read your articles for their own benefit, so ensure that the time they invest reading your material will give them valuable returns. Research on the ideas and present authentic and worthy information.

Write a Compelling Topic: The idea you capture as a headline should draw your readers attention and make them interested to find out what you have for them. You should consider three key elements when putting down the topic: it should arouse curiosity, give them emotions and/or promise them relevant knowledge to be gained. Avoid making your topic general; rather be specific by basing on a particular idea or thing. Consider the following examples

General: How to Make Life Easier

Specific: - Tips on Building a Successful Career/Business etc, - How to Develop Better interpersonal Relationships

Talk to your readers: focus on the people by acknowledging that you write because of them and not for yourself. This is achieved by using more “you” words than “I” in the content. The use of “you” makes the reader to feel and have ownership of the material he is reading and helps establish real conversation between the writer and the readers. For instance “ The little I write motivates me” can be rewritten as “ The little you write will motivate you”. Sometimes “we” can be used to bring variety.

Organise your ideas well: Let there be free flow and linkage of ideas such that one point leads to the next. In this way the reader will see the story or material as one whole unit discussing a central theme.

Minimise Mistakes: Too many mistakes have the characteristic of putting off readers from going on with your material. Try to review your work before submitting it. You can seek the help of others to help edit it.

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