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Checkout Incredible art work of Graffiti, I bet these drawings will leave you speechless and stunned

Street art or graffiti as it may be known as others is an unofficial and independent visual art created in public location for public visibility, they are used to beautify and pass messages to the public. These drawings are so realistic that they will make you think twice.

These arts are meant to represent or tell a message to viewers.A unique characteristics of street art is that it has helped to bring positive light in the public eye in a way that the message shown is made understandable to all.

Street art drawn at school neighborhood and cities can be described as an act or tool to create safer, brighter, more colourful and inspiring communities.

Below are pictures of some incredible art work of Graffiti.

This drawing is an illusion of a passage to the underground world.

This is a Bright and colourful artwork suitated in a park enough to make your day fun and memorable.

This portrait some character in the Game of Throne series, imagine people climbing out of the earth, that's creeping

Batman and Robinhood going in for a rescue mission in a burning building

This is my favourite piece of artwork so farcinating

A piece of advice, please don't walk around any of these incredible art work if you are on drugs that cause hallucinations cause you might just spend the whole day marvelling about a drawing which is just an illusion but look so real.

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Game of Throne


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