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Dipo Festival By The Krobos, is it Good or Bad?

Dipo is a Ghanaian traditional festival that is celebrated by the people of Krobo in Odumasi in the Eastern Region of Ghana. The festival is celebrated in the month of April each year. The main reason for the celebration of the Dipo festival is to usher or introduce virgin girls into puberty to show that they are of age to be married.

Before the celebration, an announcement is made of the date of the Dipo rites. When parents hear the announcement of the rites, they send qualified girls to the chief priest. These girls who claim that they are qualified would have to go through rituals and tests to prove their chastity; thus, to prove that they have never had sexual intercourse before.

On the first day of the rites, the girls have their heads shaved and dressed with clothes around their waists. This is done by a special ritual mother; it signifies their transition from childhood to adulthood. They are then paraded or assembled to the entire community and the initiates. These initiates are traditionally called "Dipo-yo". Dipo-yo is a Krobo dialect.

Early the next morning, the chief priest gives the initiates a ritual bath. He pours libation to ask for blessing for the girls. He then washes their feet with the blood of a goat which their parents presented. This is to drive away spirit of barreness. The crucial part of the rites is when the girls sit on the sacred stone. This is to prove their virginity. However, any girl found to be pregnant or not a virgin is detested by the community and does not entice a man from the tribe.

The girls are then housed for a week, where they are given training on cooking, housekeeping, childbearing and nurturing. The ritual mothers give them lessons on seduction and how to treat their husbands' right. They learn the "Klama Dance" which would be performed on the final day of the rites.

After one week schooling, they are finally released and the entire community gather to celebrate their transition into womanhood. Their are beautifully dressed in a rich kente clothes accessorized with beads around their waists, necks and arms. With singing and dancing they perform the Klama Dance. At this point, any man interested in any of them can start investigating into her family.

In conclusion, it is believed that any girl who takes part in the Dipo rites successfully brings honour to herself and her family at large.

With the Dipo festival celebrated by the Krobos, can you say it is good or bad? Let's consider them.

Do you think is it good for adolescent girls have to wear clothes to cover only their waists to be seen in public? As you can see from the pictures, do you think such practice is good or bad in modern Ghana?

Do you think Christian girls should be allowed to perform rituals by a chief priest? What do you think about washing of feet with blood of a goat; is it good or bad?

The practice of detesting a girl by the community and does not entice a man from the tribe when it is found that a girl is pregnant or not virgin during the rites, is it good or bad?

When the girls are housed and are given training on cooking, housekeeping, childbearing and nurturing, do you think is it good or bad to do that?

These are some questions I want to ask you on how Dipo festival is celebrated by the Krobos. I want your opinion on this: Dipo festival by the Krobos, is it good or bad? Please leave your comment.

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