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Pure Talent: Young Man Recreates Sonie Badu Once Again.

 Sculptors are the true definition of what we mean by the image of God. Sculpture is a branch of art which involves the use of solid materials to represent an image or communicate an idea. There are two types of sculpture, addictive and subtractive. Addictive sculpture most of the time involves the use of clay and other materials to create an impression. On the other hand, the subtractive sculpture deals mainly with wood.

 Also, metals can also be used for the same purpose. To be a sculptor, one has to be disciplined as the process requires a lot of time and patience.

I was surfing the internet and I saw this young man who seemed to be recreating popular gospel musician, Sonie Badu. The art piece is the exact replica of the image of the musician. The artist must be a Professor in sculpture because he has really nailed it. Even a blind could sense that, the sculpture resembles the real image.

Talents like these should be invested into. A lot of employment could be provided for the youth when some funds are provided. Clay is readily available almost every corner of the country. Tiles, roofing tiles, ceramics products, cups are all artifact that could be generated out of clay.

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Pure Talent Sonie Badu


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