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Meet the young man who makes photography so simple

What is art? Who defines art? The answer to this question lies around us. It hovers around us day-in and day-out but we haven’t paid attention to it. This piece gives you one of the young talents in this continent whose amazing works are taking Africa far. He makes photography looks simple and the pictures he brings out an a daily are just amazing. That is what we term as artistically inclined pictures.

This guy I am talking about is no other person but the great Edos whose handle on Twitter is @edosartistry. No wonder artistry is added to his name. This guy is a photographer who has added a touch of editing to his craft. This makes him distinct from other photographers.

Bringing out quality pictures is an attribute many photographers can boast of. The question is, “can they all edit their pictures to make it look extremely beautiful?” This guy over here literally does everything. He shoots them and edits them before posting on his social media platforms.

Looking at the way he shoots the pictures, there is no doubt he puts a great deal of work into his craft. Sometimes, he has to sit, sometimes standing is what he does and on other days, squatting is the best position he has to take in his quest to bringing out a beautiful picture.

Well, his hard work surely pays. Many people are interested in his craft and are contacting him to grace them with beautiful pictures. Whenever he posts a picture, the interactions he gets on social media is amazing. This infers that many people are really into his craft and they just love it.

I compiled some current pictures of this amazing guy which were posted on Twitter. Usually when he posts a picture, he first posts what was done before the picture was taken, the struggles and the uncomfortable positions he had to assume.

Take a look at them below;

Aren’t they beautiful? Isn’t he talented? I pray a bigger company sees his craft and invests in it. Thank you for being with me throughout this piece, kindly hit the like and follow buttons for more amazing pieces like this. The comment section is always open for you, feel free to voice out what you think about his craft over there.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )


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