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Meet the young gifted hands in art

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Since pictures of a 16 year old boy's painting arts were posted on social media, several people were taken aback.

Nature, in his infinite wisdom, produced and bestowed upon each person their unique talent, which no one can take away from us. Many people believe that just because you can't recognize or use your talent doesn't mean you don't have it. Some people, like this 16 year old Nigerian boy whose artwork is featured in this article, are able to recognize and display their talents at a young age.

Many people saw his works as pictures which were taken with camera and couldn't believe that they were mere painting after they were shared on the internet. These beautiful arts were made by Olamide Oresegun, a 16 year old talented Nigerian boy. The little boy's drawings and art works seem to be so impressive that some social media users took advantage of the opportunity to check out similar works of art. The paintings are designed to appear as natural as a photograph taken with a camera. This demonstrates that Africans are indeed gifted.

The following are some of the 16 year old boy's paintings.

What do you think of a 16 year old boy's talent? To acknowledge his talent, you should say some encouraging words to him using this world. Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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