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If you can remember 7 out of these 15 story books, then your childhood was interesting

Education and school has left us with many memories we shall never forget, from classmates to old school memories and to our exciting story books which we read out loud to the amazement of our masters and to rounds of applause from our classmates who sat and listened with keen attention.

Many books have been transitioned from those early days till now even though the current school curriculum does not tally with it, I can’t just let go but smile and reminisce about our childhood school books.

Many of them came with important lessons and advises which guided and controlled our class activities. I can remember how my late English Teacher madam Kate always advised us to not just read these books for fun but went on to explain how they played a role in improving our grammar and made us good spellers.

Take a look at some of them and let’s see how many of these historical story books have you read before and how many you can still remember and what memories they left for you.

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