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Ghana Month: History Of The Golden Stool(Sikadwa Kofi).

Custom has it that this stool, covered with unadulterated gold, skimmed out of the sky and arrived on the lap of the primary Asantehene (Asante ruler), Osei-tutu. He brought together individuals in the seventeenth centrury. His main cleric proclaimed that the spirit of the country dwelled in this stool. 

As a general rule the stool was made by: Anokye, the main minister of Osei-tutu. 

Elements of the Stool 

Made of gold . 18 in high, 24 in long, 12 in wide never permitted to sit on the ground (put on cover) so consecrated nobody has at any point sat on it. 

Another lord is brought down and raised over the Golden Stool without contacting it nobody could be a genuine ruler without the stool 

The Stool and War 

Stool is vital to the Asante; war has broken out over it In 1896, they ousted their ruler (Premeph I) rather than doing battle. Walk 1900: European Gov. Hodgson requested the stool; war broke out, and the stool was never given up Sacred Stool Not many have seen the first Only the ruler and believed guides realize its concealing spot Wannabe Stools All bosses have an emblematic copy of the stool At bosses burial service, the stool is darkened with creature blood 

The Golden Stool of the Asante 

The Golden Stool of the Asante contains the spirit or sunsum of the country. It is viewed as so hallowed that nobody is permitted to sit on it. It is held under the strictest security; it is taken external just on excellent events and never comes into contact with earth or the ground. 

The Asante have consistently safeguarded the Golden Stool when it was in danger. 

1896: The Asante permitted their King, Prempeh I, to be expelled instead of danger losing a conflict and the Golden Stool simultaneously. 

1900: The Governor of the Gold Coast, Sir Frederick Hodgson, requested to sit on the stool. The Asante stayed quiet and when the get together finished, they returned home and arranged for war. In spite of the fact that they were at long last vanquished by the British, the Asante asserted triumph since they battled uniquely to save the Golden Stool, and they had. 

1920: A gathering of African street developers unintentionally tracked down the Golden Stool and stripped it of its gold decorations. They were had a go at as indicated by conventional custom and capital punishment was forced. Be that as it may, the British interceded and the sentence was driven to interminable expulsion.

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