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Volta Region: Why The Ewes Culture Is One Of The Best In Ghana.

Ghanaians are a people with extremely unique cultures in Africa. Even if we are left behind in the technological world, we are breaking boundaries with our unique ethnic cultural heritage. Our food, dressing, and festivals speak volumes to the outside world. One group of people who should be respected for their unique ways of life are the Ewe people of the Volta region of Ghana.

The Ewes have strict rules on marriage. You cannot marry a close relative. That will be seen as incest. A man cannot marry in a family if any of his relatives has ever married in such a family. Many other ethnic groups in Ghana abhor incest. But in the actual fact, marriage among the Ewes take different dimensions due to their closeness to other people, and on clan basis.

The Ewes of Ghana are very hospitable. Ghana itself is a very hospitable country. But the Ewes carry their hospitality to the next level; mostly, Ewes entertain their visitors more than their families. The mere fact that a stranger chose one particular Ewe family to lodge with, is enough honour to the household; the stranger will be entertained beyond...

Ewes don't condone immorality in one form or the other. We are talking about the older generation not the wayward generation which cannot differentiate between which conduct is appropriate for a normal person or not. No marital infidelity is condoned among the Ewes at all especially, among the typical traditional religious people.

You can't attend a festival in the Volta region and regret. The people have unique cultural heritage which they celebrate from time to time.

What do you have special about your people? Ghanaians are great people with unique ethnic groups and cultures. We have to be proud of our culture as people.

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