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Literature Poetry

REMINISCE ( A poem about the joys of childhood)

When I was young and free

My heart leaped with joy whenever

I saw the clouds gathering to give rain.

I vividly recall jumping and clapping in excitement with my equals just to welcome the rain.

We hurriedly took off our clothes and giggled at the massive sound of the thunder.

We stood naked! Unashamed of each other, as the rain gracefully doted on us.

We danced to the tune of the rain, pushing each other, laughing heartily and rolling.

We did not care about the aftermath, we enjoyed the moment.

Mmmmm! So heartwarming.

We teased our inflamed eyes when I rain lifted.

We shivered into our clothes and thanked the rain for coming down.

We bid each other good bye and tiptoed to our homes.

The rain loved our us without effort and we inturn loved it wholeheartedly.

Whenever it heard our cries to play, it came down speedily without charge.

We did not have cares until unforeseen circumstances shone its ugly head.

Once in a while when it is cloudy I look up and grin at my old friend.

Boy! I miss those days!

Content created and supplied by: Appenkroh (via Opera News )


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