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How To Be A Good Content Creator On Opera News. Here Are 6 Tips

Writing has always been my secret dream. I learned to read at the age of two, and have ever since been hooked on those little, simple, and weird scribbles called letters. I have read hundreds of books, some of which have fascinated me so much that they take me deep into their worlds, making me want to get out of my reality and stay with them forever.

I have written about 400 articles on Opera News. I have studied my weaknesses and my strengths, and have become more and more confident in my abilities and what through this medium I can give to others, to myself, and to the world. For this, I decided to put modesty aside and share with you my 6 tips for becoming a good writer, if not a successful writer. I hope that at least one of them, on your journey to pen mastery, will be useful, true, or interesting to you.

1. Learn to type quickly

As a writer you will have to write down a lot of words every day, most of the time on the keyboard. For this reason, the first requirement if you want to become good is to learn how to write quickly on a PC. 

Since I learned to do it properly, that is, by typing with all my fingers and without looking at the keyboard, my relationship with the internet has literally been transfigured. All these things have suddenly become 10 times easier and faster to type, and it goes without saying that streamlining the mechanical writing process in this way can only improve, over time, the clear quality of what you write.

2. Become a voracious reader

The watchword is to read. Read every day, everything that happens, with the utmost attention to detail. Of course, everything is worth it. In addition to classic books and novels, blogs on the web, posts on Facebook, messages from friends, signs, advertisements, food labels, writings on tattoos, T shirts and walls. That's right, even the condom instructions.

Remember to always ask yourself the same question: "How could I write it better?". The answer will be different for everyone, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't even matter if it's a super classic by Leopardi or a dictation from your grandson's elementary school. The important thing is to read as much every day as possible, be fully aware of the effect writing has on you, and try to think about how you could have done better.

3. Watch lots of different movies and videos

It may not seem like it, but the written word, especially on the Internet, often and willingly resembles the spoken word. For this reason, in addition to paying attention to what is written, it will be very important to listen carefully to every dialogue you encounter. From the dialogues of the movies, to those of the radio, up to the real ones with your friends.

Before writing as a writer, try to speak, and at the same time think, like a writer. Make all your sentences, indeed make all your thoughts so beautiful and well cared for that they can be written, printed, and read to an audience.

4. Write every day

The most trivial advice, of course, is to write every day. Again, it is important to pay close attention to the words you write, every time you write them. Try to maximize the effectiveness of your text as much as possible, be it an assignment or an article for Opera News.

5. Have Interest in public speaking

Public speaking is something I have been doing since time immemorial. Of all the possible things, in fact, it is by far the most beautiful and interesting. It allows you to get involved completely, involving you in every single part of the body and mind. It allows you to communicate everything you want to others, giving you the opportunity to express your creativity and your thoughts. And above all, it allows you to listen, write, and say aloud speeches that are more and more beautiful and more effective with each passing day.

6. Talk to strangers.

What do people like? What do others think? What vision do they have of the world? The answer to these and other questions, unfortunately, does not lie in your head. Even if you search all your life, you will find nothing. Reading certainly helps, but if you want the freshest truth you'll have to get involved.

The recipe is very simple: talk to strangers. Be curious, observe them, ask yourself who they are, and speak to them. Doing so is simpler than it sounds. A huge advantage of this approach to life, besides good company, is always having a lot of extra inspiration, new good ideas, and many other interesting points of view on the world.

Content created and supplied by: CyraxPen (via Opera News )

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