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Another funny picture from Tilapia Da Cartoonist.

There are many funny photos on the internet that can make you laugh like you've never laughed before, especially when you grasp what the picture is trying to communicate. However, only a few people have the ability to generate these amusing graphics while also being able to tell a story with them.

And Tilapia Da Cartoonist is among those people with such talent. His artworks are so amusing that you may easily overlook the underlying message while looking at them at first glance because they are capable of making you cry with laughter. And now another one of his artworks has surfaced on the internet.

This new piece of artwork, titled 'Toll free: Agyenkwa 'boneshaker' declared road worthy,' is one of many he's uploaded on the internet this week. And, as always, it demonstrates every aspect of an artist who is aware of his work. The graphic depicts a cartoon image of the parliament house in the backdrop and a green sign board in front of the building with the words 'parliamentary approval workshop' on it.

In the photo, there's also a red 'trotro' car with the words 'Agyenkwa budget 2022' on one side. The red automobile appears to be in bad condition. It has a damaged back tire, which is being repaired at this 'workshop'. In the artwork, Tilapia also sketched two people, and one of them is a cartoon portrayal of Joe Wise. 'My Massa/Speaker, erred! 'This vehicle is ready for the road,' says Joe Wise in the picture. Joe Wise is also seen repairing the vehicle in the picture.

With his artworks, Tilapia Da Cartoonist has demonstrated that we should laugh at some things in life and that we do not necessarily have to be serious all of the time. Laughter is beneficial to our health and also aids in the development of a healthy mind by allowing us to release some of the stresses that we encounter in our daily lives.

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Agyenkwa Tilapia Da


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