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Some Ewe Names In Ghana And Their Best Meanings.

The Ewe are a people found primarily in three countries of West Africa, namely Ghana, Togo, and Benin. They are concentrated in southeastern Ghana east of the Volta River, in southern Togo and the southwestern portion of Benin.

They are a collection of a group of people who speak Ewe as the main language, but with different dialects. Each group is also known by a different name, such as Anglo (Anlo, Awlan), Awuna, Hudu, Kotafoa, Adan, Agu, Aveno, Be, Gbin, Ho, Kpelen, Togo, Vlin, Vo, and so on.

But today, we are only coming to look at some names the Ewes use and their meanings. To start with, the following are some names the Ewes use and give to their children.

Dzigbordi- Patience

Fafa- Peace

Lorlor- Love

Seli- God is alive

Selorm- God loves me

Sedudzi- God has won

Sefakor- Comforter

Nunana- Gift

Nunya- Wisdom

Amegavi- Small King

Dzidula- Winner

Setutsi- Fortune

Yayra- Blessing

Sewoenam- God has done it for me

Sewordor- God works

Selikem- Anchor

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