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Let's laugh together. A very funny short story.

Have you ever heard a story so funny you lost touch with reality?

Then get ready for another such experience.

For some of you, this story is going to be the funniest you've heard.

Well, let's head straight to that conversation which promises to spice up your day.

Old Johnny is a smart, cunning man.

"Death" visits him in human form and this is what ensued;

Death: Hey Mr. Johnny! I'm "Death". The time has come for you to die, and so I've come to take you away.

Johnny: (in tears) Please give me a few more years to live. I have a lot to accomplish in life.

Death: No way! Nobody gets a second chance, you're surely coming with me.

Johnny: Please spare me. I'm a good man.

Death: It's still NO!

Johnny: Well, that being the case, please let me cook my last meal so we eat together.

Death: Permitted!

And so Johnny prepares the meal and they both eat to their fill.

"Death" then falls into a deep sleep.

Johnny takes the register from Death's hand and realises he was indeed next on the list. He was surely going to die. He then removes his name from the top and puts it at the bottom of the list.

"Death" suddenly wakes up from his sleep.

Death: Mr. Johnny, thanks for that delicious meal, in fact I'm impressed.

I have therefore decided to pardon you.

You were next on my list to be killed but for your kind gesture I will spare you and continue the killing from the bottom of my list. All for your sake my dear.


You can guess Johnny's reaction.

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Content created and supplied by: Always_Eunice (via Opera News )

Old Johnny


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