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Man Ask An Artist To Help Him Remove A Guy In A Picture, See The Creative Work The Artist Has Done

When taking a picture one must make sure he put on good facial expressions so has to come out nice in the picture. If one fails to do that the picture might not be good enough for one to boast of.

However, nowadays there seems to be a way to make a bad picture into a good photo by making use of what is call photoshop. This act of photoshop is when you editing a picture in such a way that it will be entirely or partially different from the original picture.

So let look at this incident that involves a guy who asks a popular photoshop artist to help him remove a guy from a picture because the guy does put up bad facial expressions in the pictures and which makes the picture not look pleasing to the eyes.

 However, after the request has been made, the artist decides not to remove the guy but decided to change the guy's bad facial expressions to good facial expressions and which make the picture now pleasing to the eyes.

Here are people's reactions to artist work.

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