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Did You Know African Warriors Had These Supernatural Abilities Before The White Man Destroyed It?

African and black history, in general, has been intentionally hidden and overlooked on several occasions by the powers that govern the universe because it doesn't serve them well.

We can't lay the blame on the white man for trying to hide our culture, history, and heritage when we are not interested in discovering and telling our historic stories.

The white man has learned a great deal from African and black history and benefitted from the immensely rich cultural heritage, however, the black man is not even proud of his history. The power that existed in the black warrior before the invasion of the white man.

History has it that the black warrior possessed very sharp senses that can easily track any enemy or opponent 3.5 miles away because of the very fresh foodstuffs they consumed and their very healthy culture/lifestyle.

However, during the European invasion of Africa and some of the warriors were held captives, the European foods slowed their senses.

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