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Photo Of The Day: Pictures That Looks Fake, but Are 100% Real (Photos)

Nature is wonderful, and it can never be compared to anything artificial. The beauty that comes with nature is superior to any man made, and it's always a good experience to see what nature actually looks like.

Sometimes some pictures appears unreal, because of the wonders that comes along with it. However, we must realise that God created things in different ways, some are unique while some are ordinary, just like human being some are black while some are white.

Here are pictures you would think are fake but are totally real:

1. The soul of the peacock

This perfectly synchronized photo is breathtaking. What looks like the soul of a peacock leaving its body is actually a white peacock leaping in the air above another peacock. This is one of those photographs that makes you look twice, and we love how stimulating it is.

2. A walk in the clouds

Nature can be really impressive and this photo makes it look like a man is walking in the clouds.

3. Face in the sky

Sometimes the clouds come together to form all kinds of curious shapes in the sky. An impending storm hit this neighborhood just at sunset to create a face in the sky.

4. UFO clouds

If you believe in alien life then you are probably seeing a UFO hovering in this photo. Don't worry, this man isn't about to be kidnapped. This is a phenomenon known as the lenticular cloud. These amazing clouds look like an alien spaceship.

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