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May our Enemies never get anything against us. And may whatever evil they're planning be vain.

Great People of God. I want to inform you that. Live your life well as you are walking with Jesus Christ. So that those who have make their mind to disgrace you, shall not get anything wrong to be use against you no matter what they will tried.

John chapter 19 verse 4. Have open the power of the Love of God for us and as it happened to our Lord Jesus Christ, that a whole president could have nothing evil and wrong against Him concerning the accusations level against Him by His enemies, so is should be for us if we behave well in our daily walks in Christ Jesus.

Therefore, do not let the journey you have in Christ be something you take for granted.

Rather let it be that your life style and conducts are in steps with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Never allow anybody to say about you, because of your misconduct, that see you who claim to be a Christian.

Back off living in the old life before you claim to be a Christian. Read the word of God at all the times. Go to Church and listen to how the how the Holy Spirit is using the Servant of God in helping you to understand the truth in the Word of God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.

Never do any other thing when it's time for Church. Furthermore, make sure you are in the understanding in the word of God. And pray and fast and ask for help help from Holy Spirit. If Jesus behave well and they have nothing wrong from accusation against Him, then as you are walking in His truth, such must be our portions in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Your enemies will never have anything against you.


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