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Meet the 72-year-old who is the most tattooed man in Germany

Germany's 72-year-old Wolfgang Kirsch is the country's most tattooed man. Kirsch calls himself a magneto (from a magnet) because some of the materials he implanted into his body are magnetized and can often attract items such as paper clips.

Bild newspaper reported that 98 per cent of his body is covered in ink with 86 tattoos and 17 implants under his skin, as he spent 720 hours of his life on tattoo sessions and paid more than £21,500 for his tattooed body.

Magneto is Germany's most tattooed man Wolfgang Kirsch has tattooed over the past 20 years and is officially the most tattooed man in Germany. He is a retired post office worker from Berlin and his passion for tattoos only began after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

The 72-year-old pensioner said he was unable to get tattoos while working at the post office in the GDR. "In the German Democratic Republic, tattoos were reprehensible and unimaginable for employees of the post office," he told Bild newspaper. If not for that, he would have started tattooing at a very young age.

He added that he got his first tattoo at the age of 46, when he tattooed a tear under his eye, and after that he continued tattooing his arms, face, back and other parts of his body. Wolfgang Kirsch underwent 240 tattoo sessions, quite interesting.

He told the newspaper he spent 720 hours of his life in tattoo studios. He underwent 240 tattoo sessions and paid more than £21,500 for his body tattoo. He also said that he tattooed his eyeballs in black and in his body, only the soles of his feet are not tattooed. He added that people in the streets asked him for pictures and autographs. Guess what, he is a pensioner who has found a new job as a tattoo model.

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