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Do You Remember The Scary Story Of Madam ‘High Heel’ In The 90’s?

Speculations and hearsay have always been part of our societal fabric. Some are so glaring to the ordinary person that they are just baseless creation of people but still find their way to be held and strongly believed as true.

Ghana as a country has had many of such, which were never proven to be true. We often wondered where these stories came from and who actually brought them out.

One of such myths which became very popular around the country and for a while kept many citizens tense was what became known as ‘Madam high heel’ in the mid 90’s.

The story surrounding the myth of ‘Madam high heel’ seemed like something out of a movie. The narrative is that of a very sophisticated and beautiful Ghanaian woman with a great sense of fashion, believed to be a teacher( or working at a bank, depending on who narrated it or where you heard it from) who was murdered in cold blood. Just like it is seen in many Ghanaian movies, the story furthered that, the murdered young lady went out to avenge her death.

It was speculated that a sign that indicated that ‘Madam high heel’ was at a place was the movement of a pair of high heels with no one wearing in it.

So rife was the fear that, anytime people, especially school children heard the footsteps of someone in high heels, there was palpable fear. Of course these were all lies created by people we never got to know of.

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