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Your happiness depends on you - Opinion

Your happiness depends on you - Opinion

One thing to do to make yourself happy. Happiness is a conscious effort one puts in place to get results from, so anything that is not giving you the results you need is not happiness. Imagine hoping to get rice from your mum when you arrive home, and you are faced with fufu when you got home, the mood and energy you went home with, all changes. All because you are not happy with the food, hence the results of your mothers cooking has made you sad. I remember back in high school when I was looking forward to an All As in the elective subjects I wrote for my final exams. The results came and all I had was Two As and two Bs. I was depressed because I did not get the results I wanted, and that made me feel unhappy for over seven months.

My mother took me through a lot of things, which I learnt something about. She had tried that day to get me off the sad mood, but everything wasn't working. She had even cheered me up and steered me for progress and the future ahead, but I was still not happy. One thing I did, was to forgive myself for my crimes and that brought back my happiness. No one on earth can give you happiness unless you give it yourself. 

Your happiness must start from you, and it must start today. Don't please people knowing it's hurting you. If they don't like you, that is the business, Don't force yourself to be liked by anyone. Live the life you want, not what others won't because it is only you that, will get your happiness from. If you feel like buying something that is your favourite to eat, do it and never listen to others. Do the little things that will bring happiness to you and it is through that, you will have a peaceful and cordial life. Don't rely on anyone for your happiness because nobody can give you that happiness except yourself.

A lot of people are dying because of a lack of happiness, and that is the cause of depression which will kill you without hesitating. Live your life, because you are the life, not others.

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