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Reasons Why Your Mobile Phone Over Heat Always

Many people around the globe have frequently complained bitterly about their mobile phones being over heated whilst they are using it. And we can all justify how inconvenient and uneasy it is to wait for it till it cool off before using or continuing what you were doing on it

If you have a mobile phone that over heat always whenever you are using it, then we have brought to you some number of reasons that help in exacerbating the heat of your phone.

1. Using your phones for numerous hours without taking a break.

Most of us, particularly game and social media addicts, use our smartphones without giving them a break at all, which causes them to overheat. Majority of us watch 2 hours YouTube videos or Netflix. You can' t expect your phone to stay cool if you play games with the highest graphics levels for hours on end; it will surely heat up. Most of my male friends spend numeruos hours on social media apps Chatting and many more, and some even continue to take numerous photographs and videos.

2. There are far too many context apps

You' re not really turning off your Facebook app when you minimize it to search Instagram, then minimize it again to play games or do other stuff. Instead, the Apps you' ve minimized are still running. When you have a lot of apps running in the background, the machine needs to work harder to keep them up to date. So, once you' ve finished with one app, you' ll need to live or clear the others.

3. Your brightness is set to a high level

The majority of us would agree that when we switch our phones' brightness all the way up, they get a little wet. Our phones heat up a lot when we play games or download video with a lot of light.

4. Leaving your phones out in the sun or in a humid environment

You should be aware that anything exposed to sunlight can become extremely hot. So, if you use your phone often outside on a sunny day, it will heat up; also, if the temperature around you is extremely hot, your phone will heat up as well.

5. Using your phone while charging

We don' t need to say anything because we all know that this is the primary cause of overheating.

6. Issues with apps and operating systems

Certain bugs in software, as well as your phone' s operating system, may cause your phone to overheat or misbehave.

7. Malware

Malicious apps are usually virus which are created by software developers to eat up and destroy your phone's CPU and memory, thus slowing it down and generating a lot of heat.

Follow me as I bring you the best solutions on how to solve this problems to avoid over heating of your mobile phones

Content created and supplied by: Larry-d-King (via Opera News )


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